Online Dating With The Zodiac To Guide You

Match with somebody on Tinder, and ask them “What’s your sign?” Snappy huh? But in reality, if you want a good sense of how things will probably work out do your online dating with the Zodiac to guide you.

It doesn’t matter if he or she has any idea what it means, it will give you a good sense of who they are. And from that help you know what to expect from a hookup. It’s tough enough out there, a little guidance from the Zodiac can help. Before you decide if you want to meet up with them consider these character traits first.

If they are any of the following signs then it’s highly probable they’ll drop off the map at some point, especially if neither of us is looking for anything long term. Really, if they are any of these four Zodiac signs the only question is how far you’ll get before they ghost.

Adam and Eve

1. Sagittarius (November 22 December 21)

Sagittarians are the Zodiac’s wanderers. Direct and purposeful, they are usually independent and generally pretty happy. They value honesty and enjoy being carefree.
Having those qualities, you will be surprised when a Sagittarius ghosts you. But take heart, it probably didn’t happen intentionally. Wanderers remember, a Sagittarius can put their telephone away for a day or two or take a holiday at the drop of a hat. But always, a sudden drop-off in communication and all the signs point to ghosting.

If in a few days, a Sagittarius still hasn’t gotten back to you, it’s likely because they thought that things with you weren’t going the right way and were never serious in the first place. Lack of focus in Sagittarians can be part of their carefree nature, and they might ghost you.

A hook up with a Sagittarius won’t last for long. They will either want a relationship or didn’t want anything at all. Except maybe to get laid. A Sagittarius rarely stays in touch with former lovers. And if a Sagittarius tells you that they’re really into being single, you should probably believe them and so be warned.

Lacking true direction in life, a Sagittarian who is going to ghost you it will be sooner rather than later. Sagittarians can also be more careless than carefree, they might introduce you to their friends!

Ask a Sagittarius if they are ghosting you or not, and you will probably get a straight answer back. There’s no point in arguing with them their focus shifts from you they will ghost.Woman Texting

2. Scorpio (October 23 November 21)

Scorpios are actually very loyal lovers but they have all that armor and that nasty sting. Being also highly secretive it can be difficult to get them to open up. Kinda makes it hard for you.

If a Scorpio ghosts you, it will be for their own self-preservation. Even if you haven’t done anything that could have directly offended them, they are very good at predicting what a person is going to do next.

A Scorpio might ghost for their own cunning reasons. They don’t want you to end up in control. There is no need to overanalyze it when they ghost. Move on.

Ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, Scorpios have a duality of self. And it is mostly to themselves where their interests lie. If you’re hooking up with a Scorpio for the first time, they haven’t formed an attachment and won’t fall immediately in love with you. And they won’t mind satisfying their own pleasure at your expense.

The Pluto part of the duality gives them a unique understanding of death as a necessary part of life. Which can give them a dark edge. And a sting from the Scorpio is often the fix to perceived problems, which might be you. They might believe a  sting helps preserve their own sense of independence.

Careful what you say to them. The reply might be unpleasant.

Scorpios make their own rules in love just like they do in the rest of their lives. Ruled by their gonads, they will go for the hookup. So on the bright side, before they ghost you’ll probably get laid.

3. Gemini (May 20 June 21)

That quick and clever nature of a Gemini can have them always two jumps ahead of you.

Always game, a Gemini loves the variety and the new. Which means you will definitely get more than one date before they ghost. Being a little flighty they might even declare their eternal love for you before they fade just as quickly.

Mercury rules Gemini. And this explains their quick-changing nature as well as a staccato chatter communication pattern. This alone can get on your nerves. A Gemini will probably want to spill their guts to you on the first date. Don’t be fooled by this seeming instantaneous bonding, it’s probably not real.

Loving the fast spin of new friend and situations, the Gemini will never the less often crave stability in a relationship. If they ghost you, it will probably be because they probably got bored with you.

They enjoy the drama so be careful. They may try to test you by ghosting. Which means you can probably get them back – if you want to.Astrology Runes

4. Cancer (June 21 July 22)

The Zodiac sign of Cancer will mean they probably didn’t want to hurt you. They ghost because they fear to hurt themselves. In the night sky, the Cancer constellation is very difficult to find, as it is made up of swooning starlets. This reflects the disposition of a person who will fade softly and leave no sign of where.

A Cancer’s heart has usually been broken many times. They will withdraw if you come on to strong to soon. Cancers know the hard spots of love and don’t like risking it again. It makes them prone to ghost if the feelings come too quickly.

Often too sensitive a Cancer will ghost a casual fling because it hits to close to home. Trust is important to a Cancer’s and for them to want to share their space, they have to trust you. If you haven’t earned that trust, they will ghost. It’s not worth the perceived danger to them.


There is no casual relationship for a Cancer. They are likely to disappear on you after you already became close, which makes the leaving painful.

You might seduce the Cancer back from where they withdrew. But if your Cancer can’t be coaxed back out of their shell, it means they want you to move on.


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